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Revitalize Your Fleet Operations! Experience Zero Downtime with Our On-Site Service!

Revit Auto Fleet Services

Fleet Maintenance

Ensure Peak Performance for Your Fleet. Our Expert Technicians Conduct Comprehensive Inspections and Preventive Maintenance for All Vehicles and Equipment!

On-Site Service

Our fleet of fully equipped service vehicles, manned by seasoned mechanics, is ready to cater to your fleet’s maintenance and repair needs at your preferred location.

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Why Choose Revit Auto?

Our team of highly skilled technicians work tirelessly to ensure that your fleet is running smoothly and efficiently. We understand that every moment your assets are out of commission, you’re losing money. That’s why we offer comprehensive maintenance and fleet repair services to minimize downtime and keep your business running safely. 

REVIT AUTO - The #1 Rated Fleet Service Provider in Montgomery County (Maryland)

The premier fleet servicing company based in Maryland! We specialize in providing comprehensive repair services to our clients, right at their Locations. Our proactive approach towards vehicle maintenance and repair, coupled with our state-of-the-art digital documentation system, ensures that your fleet stays on the road and running smoothly. At Revit Auto, we understand the importance of minimizing downtime, which is why we are committed to delivering top-quality service and unparalleled customer support.

What are some On-Site service we offer? 

A/C Service & Repair 

Oil changes

Brake repairs and replacements

Engine diagnostics and repairs

Battery replacements

Suspension repairs

Tire repairs and replacements

Cooling system repairs

Fuel system repairs

Ignition system repairs

Transmission fluid changes

Exhaust system repairs

Alternator replacements

Electrical system repairs

Pre-purchase inspections

Preventative maintenance

Based on 63 reviews
Josh Wilkins
Josh Wilkins
We hired Revit to manage our fleet and they have exceeded all expectations! They handle everything we could ever ask for and keep our vehicles in tip top shape! The best part is that they are a mobile service provider. They fix our trucks at our warehouse and we don't have to worry about sending our vehicles to a shop that could take weeks to fix any repairs. As a person who is not "Car/Truck savvy" I would recommend Revit to any company that has multiple vehicles.
I am the Fleet Mgr. --- JERichards Inc. Revit is our goto for mobile service and more. Just a GOOD bunch of guys doing GREAT work!!! Keep it up team!!!
Brian Pingon
Brian Pingon
The Revit Auto team is amazing! I desperately needed new tires on my work truck, but I couldn’t afford to have my truck in a shop for a day. Their team swapped my tires while I was working on a job site! On top of being great at what they do, they’re also great people, which is most important! Thanks, RevitAuto!
Carolyn Gooden
Carolyn Gooden
I can't recommend Revit Auto enough. Not only do they serve our fleet at Value Dry Waterproofing, where they go to a job site that we are working at and fix our trucks, while our Crews are able to continue to work, "NO downtime". They are Reliable, Fast, and Efficient. I also use them for my personal vehicle, I drive a Lexus SUV and have gotten the best deal on new tires. They performed Oil changes while I was in the office working, again "NO downtime", I come out to my truck ready for me to drive home. Blair, Christian, and the whole team are Great.
Ian Ford
Ian Ford
Couldn't have had a better experience. Fast, efficient, affordable. I needed some cosmetic & electrical work done on my vehicle, Tyler came out to me and finished up while i was in my meeting. Everything great.
G&J Moving and Storage
G&J Moving and Storage
Blair, Ky and entire team at Revit Auto servicing my fleet of 8 trucks. I really like working with them. They come to my office to do all PM and major repairs. Recently I signed up with them for a yearly membership so all I am expecting is to lower my overall maintenance cost. 100% Recommended and ready to refer Revit Auto to anybody.
Cheryl Jackson
Cheryl Jackson
Why Revit Auto? Not only do they show up at your door to service your car but they’ll show up on time with a greeting from a friendly qualified mechanic. You know how you go to a car repair shop and hours later they tell you your car is not done because some additional repairs are required and they close at 6pm. Revit mechanics stay until the job gets done. Exceptional service, exceptional mechanics, exceptional and caring owner. The next time you need a mechanic call Revit Auto
Alyssa Cronin
Alyssa Cronin
Amazing customer service! Contacted Revit on Monday and I had an appointment scheduled for Wednesday within 3 minutes. Mechanic arrived on time and did a great job. Will definitely use Revit again in the future.

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